Have you ever sourced a waterproofing product only to realize that it is completely unsuitable for your needs and for your customers?

A product sensitive to moisture will not work well in a region with constant high humidity

A coating for concrete will do you no good if you need to protect a clay surface

We work with companies dealing with waterproofing products in many different countries on many continents.

From the cold climate in Northern Europe, to the blasting sun of the Middle East, to the often humid conditions of Africa and Southeast Asia…

Different regions require different approaches

For flat surfaces like roofs and terraces, you can learn more about our liquid waterproofing solutions

For clay, stone, and other mineral outdoor surfaces you can browse our range of water repellents that do not absorb any water or humidity.

For swimming pools you can learn all about our epoxy based pool coatings that can give your pools a stunning deep watery look

Feel free to leave us a message with your request and we will get back to you shortly.

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