Ktisofloor - Self-leveling Epoxy floor coating for industrial flooring

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Ktisofloor is a two component self leveling epoxy floor coating that creates a durable and level seamless surface and protects the concrete substrate from wear and tear. The product is a pourable resin based product that is spread with a notched trowel.

The product is provided in packs of 15kg and  can be delivered the product throughout Europe subject to a minimum order of 150kg.

The ex-works prices of the product is

Ktisofloor 15kg A+B (yields approx 5 m2 for 2mm thickness)= €63

Colours Available: Grey (RAL 7040) Light Grey (RAL 7047) Beige (RAL 1013) Sky Blue (RAL 5015). Other colours available upon request

The prices for the corresponding primer are

Ktisepox Hydro PR 10kg A+B = €40 (yields approx 50-55 m2)

Ktisepox Hydro PR 4kg A+B = €19 (yields approx 20-25 m2)

The above prices are ex-works and do not include shipping costs, VAT or any additional duties importing countries may impose. EU businesses that report VAT can be exempted from VAT charge providing they have valid EU Business VAT number

If you wish to place an order or if you have any questions please email us at office@ktisis.eu or fill out the contact form. Please be as specific as possible in your email so we can give you the right information

What is the procedure to apply the coating?

This 4 minute video should help guide you

How much time do I need to wait between coats?

At normal room temperature (20 degrees celsius) you will need to wait 24 hours between corresponding coats. At lower temperatures curing time will take longer

Is it necessary to prime the floor?

Unless you are applying over an existing epoxy surface, we strongly recommend that you apply at least one coat of primer. This will help seal the surface and improve adhesion

Where I can learn more about applying self leveling epoxy?

This article on our partner website should be able to guide you


Where can I learn more about the products?

Ktisofloor Product Page

Ktisepox Hydro PR Product Page

We deliver throughout Europe.  If you need a quotation for delivery please contact us indicating your delivery address including the postcode

Lead production time: 7 days

Shipment: 7-10 days

Payment: In advance either through bank transfer or Paypal. Contact us for further information

Products delivered to non-EU countries may be subject to additional fees and taxes.