Anydron 2K

Rooftop Waterproofing Liquid Membrane

Polyurethane rooftop coating for waterproofing (2-component)

ANYDRON 2K is used as a rooftop coating and waterproofing membrane on a number of constructions such as rooftops, balconies, polyurethane foam insulation, bridges, flowerbeds, water tanks, bituminous and EPDM membranes etc.

Anydron should be applied with a roller, a brush or with an airless spray gun. Apply at least two layers of the material and the second layer should be applied within 18-36 hours.

The key features of this polyurethane rooftop coating  are:
• Upon curing a waterproof membrane is formed
• Extraordinary resilience to high and low temperatures
• 10+ years lifetime
• Resistance to UV rays
• High elasticity enabling bridging of cracks
• Cool roof properties (when using white coloured coating)
• Ability to protect the surface even in areas where puddles are formed
• Flexibility in adding extra coatings, patching, working on existing roofs with obstacles

Estimated Consumption: For every layer of ANYDRON 2K expect to consume at least 0,5-0,6 kg/m². Actual consumption may be higher depending on the quality of the surface. Apply at least two layers.

When working with mesh sheets expect a total consumption of at least 3.5 kg /m2

Packaging: available in 25Kg, 14kg and 5kg sets (A+B) of fixed weight proportion

Colours Available: White. Upon request grey, ceramic red, green, and black (for orders over 1000 kg)