Self leveling epoxy floor coating

Ktisofloor is a 2-component, VOC free self-leveling epoxy flooring coating system that protects surfaces from heavy-duty mechanical stress and chemical abrasion.

This self-leveling epoxy coating forms a seamless resinous surface that has exceptional mechanical resistance to wear and tear. Common application areas of the floor coating include:

-Food and Beverage production

-Pharmaceutical production

- Logistics centres

- Industrial facilities

- Warehouses

- Commercial retail stores

The product should only be applied by technically qualified staff with experience in the installation of resinous industrial floors. The recommended thickness of the self-leveling epoxy should be from 2-5 mm depending on the application.

For more information on self-leveling epoxy floors read this article here on our educational blog

If you have any questions about the product please contact us.

Estimated Consumption: For every mm of thickness at least 1.5 kg/m² of KTISOFLOOR is expected to be consumed. Actual consumption may be higher depending on the unevenness of the surface. It is also possible to add quartz sand as a 3rd component. This will reduce excepted consumption of Ktisofloor.

Packaging: available in fixed weight sets (A+B) of 15kg and 6kg.
Colours Available: Dark Grey (RAL 7040) Light Grey (RAL 7047) Turquoise (RAL 6034) Sky Blue (RAL 5015) Beige (RAL 1013)

Other colours available upon order