Polyurethane floor coating

Polyurethane floor coating for protecting industrial floors (2-component)

KTISOPUR is a slightly elastic two-component polyurethane based paint suitable for coating floors in decks, car parking, storage facilities, and pedestrian areas. It is also a suitable covering for floors in food manufacturing that are exposed to organic acids like milk and other dairy products.

One major advantage this coating has compared to conventional floor coatings is that it has a fast curing time. Floors can be turned over within 24-36 hours.

KTISOPUR is suitable for light and medium wear traffic. For outdoor surfaces we recommend that you use the aliphatic polyurethane coating Ktisopur UV instead.

If you wish to learn the differences between epoxy and polyurethane coatings we recommend that you read our article on our blog. 

If you need a thicker polyurethane floor coating we recommend that you look at our self leveling product Ktisopur SL.

Estimated Consumption: For every layer of KTISOPUR expect to consume 250- 300 g/m². Actual consumption may be higher depending on the quality of the surface.

Packaging: available in 15Kg and 6kg sets

Colours Available: Dark Grey (RAL 7040) Light Grey (RAL 7047) Sky Blue (RAL 5015) Beige (RAL 1013) Other colours available upon order