Petroblok 100

Water Repellent for Mineral Surfaces

Water repellent coating that is silicone-based and is used for the impregnation of mineral construction material to make it water repellent and hydrophobic.

This water repellent coating is applied in the following fields:

- clay products such as roof tiles, bricks, flower pots

- masonry products such as stone houses, walls, bridges and other constructions

- porous concrete

- gypsum and gypsum based fibre boards

The Petroblok solution can be applied with a brush, a roller or a spray.

The applicator should  apply several coats, until the substrate is saturated. Avoid leaving long gaps in between coatings. Apply the next coating once the surface looks dry (wet on working) and make sure there are no damp spots.

The water repellent coating dries quickly, therefore ensure that all non-absorbent surfaces (windows, doors etc.) are properly protected. Stains caused by Petroblok are very difficult to clean after a few hours.

The consumption of Petroblok depends on the absorbency of the substrate. Perform tests on small areas in order to determine the requisite quantity.