Petroblok 200

Silane-siloxane sealer

Water repellent sealer based on a mixture of silane siloxane. The product is used for the impregnation of mineral construction materials to make them water repellent and at the same time enables a high degree of water-vapour permeability.

This Silane Siloxane solution of Petroblok 200 is applied in the following fields:

- clay products such as roof tiles, bricks, flower pots

- masonry products such as stone houses, walls, bridges and other constructions

- porous concrete

- gypsum and gypsum based fibre boards

The Petroblok solution is applied with a brush, a roller or a sprayer.

The silane siloxane solution should be be applied wet on wet, within 1-2 hours of each coat. Otherwise one coat may end up repelling the previous coat.

As this product is high in solvents applicators should always wear suitable protective equipment when working with this product.

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