Rapidcure Primer

Fast Curing Epoxy Primer with Moisture blocking properties

Introducing the next generation Epoxy Primer.

Rapidcure Primer is a 2-component fast curing epoxy primer system with the following properties:

  • Cures even at 0 degrees Celsius
  • Solves problems with wet spots and rising dampness
  • Ready for re-coating in 3-4 hours (room temperature conditions)
  • Suitable for both Epoxy and Polyurethane Floor Coatings

The product can be applied on a variety of surfaces such as concrete industrial floors, cement mortar surfaces, and old epoxy surfaces etc. It cures within a few hours thus allowing the next layer of coating to be added very soon. The product is compatible with all our Epoxy and PU based floor coatings. This  product has shown very good bonding to moist surfaces as well as surfaces where rising dampness is present.

As the product is quite thick, the addition of thinner (xylene) up to 10% is recommended for surfaces that lack pores.

When using the product as a dampness or moisture blocker 2-3 coats are recommended for ideal results.

Mixing Proportion (A:B) 100:70

Pot Life (after mixing) Approx 20 mins at 20 oC

Tack Free time 3-4 hours at 20 oC

Minimum Hardening Temperature 0 oC

Packaging available in fixed sets (A+B) of 10kg and 4kg.