Ktisopur UV

Aliphatic Polyurethane floor coating

Finally, a Floor Coating that does not get damaged by the sunlight!

Conventional epoxy floor coatings cannot be applied outdoors, as the sun causes yellowing and chalking of the coating. We therefore developed Ktisopur UV, a product with similar properties, but is UV resistant.

Ktisopur UV is an aliphatic polyurethane coating suitable for protecting floor surfaces in outdoor areas. It's elastic properties make it an ideal solution for waterproofing and crack bridging.

The aliphatic PU coating  is UV stable thus making it resistant to yellowing and chalking suitable for external use.

The product can also be used as a top protective coating on surfaces that have been waterproofed with Anydron 2K.

Because of its chemical composition, this aliphatic polyurethane coating is suitable for heavy foot traffic as well as vehicular traffic.  Common application areas include:

  • Exposed Car parks
  • Terraces and Rooftops
  • Pedestrian bridges
  • Beach bars
  • Poolside decks

For more information on this product watch the video below:

Estimated Consumption: For every layer of KTISOPUR UV expect to consume at least 250 gr/m².

Actual consumption may be higher depending on the quality of the surface.

Packaging: available in 14Kg and 6kg sets

Colours Available: Dark Grey (RAL 7040)  Other colours available upon order