Ktisofloor HD

Epoxy screed for exceptionally heavy applications

3-component, solventless self-leveling epoxy flooring screed that protects surfaces from heavy-duty mechanical stress and chemical abrasion.

Ktisofloor HD is an epoxy screed that forms a seamless resinous surface that has been formulated to withstand exceptional mechanical resistance to wear and tear.

The epoxy flooring screed should only be applied by technically qualified staff with experience in the installation of resinous industrial floors. The product is also suitable for applying in areas that are exposed to high water temperatures and where there is a heavy usage of cleaning detergents

Estimated Consumption: For 2mm of KTISOPUR SL expect to consume at least 3kg/m2. (The inclusion of fillers such as quartz can reduce the estimated consumption)

Actual consumption may be higher depending on the quality of the surface.

Packaging: available in 15Kg sets

Colours Available: Dark Grey (RAL 7040) Light Grey (RAL 7047) Sky Blue (RAL 5015) Beige (RAL 1013) Other colours available upon order