Ktisofloor AS

Antistatic epoxy coating

3-component self-leveling epoxy flooring system suitable for surfaces that require conductive and anti-static floors.

Ktisofloor AS forms a seamless resinous surface that has conductive properties. The product should be applied together with Ktisofloor AS primer.

The construction of an antistatic epoxy floor requires the contribution of qualified electricians experienced in the installation of antistatic floors. Necessary steps include the laying out of the copper grid on the floor as well as constructing the appropriate electrical grounding.

The product should only be applied by technically qualified staff with experience in the installation of resinous industrial floors. Antistatic epoxy floors are commonly applied in surgeries, airport hangars, fuel depots, installations with sensitive equipment to electrostatical shock etc.

Estimated Consumption: For every mm of KTISOFLOOR AS expect to consume at least 1.5kg/m2.

Actual consumption may be higher depending on the quality of the surface.

Packaging: available in 15Kg sets

Colours Available: Grey (RAL 7040)

Technical Data Sheet