Ktisodur G

Epoxy Grout for patching and filling

This product is an Epoxy grout (two-component) used for repairing concrete, and filling cracks and holes. KTISODUR G has a lightweight texture enabling it to also be applied on vertical surfaces without dripping. This epoxy grout is used primarily to restore damages on concrete mortars, repair cracks, as well as reinforce anchoring of steel in concrete constructions. This grouting compound is commonly used when installing new industrial floors with the Ktisepox or Ktisofloor products.

This epoxy grout has a paste like viscosity. If you need a runnier filling and anchoring epoxy product that flows easily we recommend Ktisodur X.

Texture: Paste

Packaging: 1kg, 5kg sets (A+B)

Colours Available: Grey

Other colours upon request