Ktisepox Piscine

Epoxy pool coating

Ktisepox Piscine is an Epoxy pool coating  (two-components) that protects surfaces swimming pools and water reservoirs from water ingress and chemical abrasion.

This product  is resistant to acids, alkali and oils. The pool coating is suitable for both fresh water and salt water.  

KTISEPOX PISCINE can be applied on a variety of surfaces such as cement mortar, pool tiles, cement mortars, and old epoxy surfaces etc.

It is not advised to apply directly on concrete foundations, but rather have the foundations waterproofed first with a cementitious slurry.

Prior to applying the pool coating we strongly recommend that you prime the surface with Ktisepox Hydro PR.

When applying on tiles make sure that all gloss and coating of the tiles has been removed before attempting to coat over.

In order to prolong the lifetime of the epoxy paint, we strongly recommend to always keep the pool filled with water. If the pool is not in use, covering the pool will maintain the pool coating for a longer period of time.

The coating requires re-coating every 2-3 years. The product is available in white colour, light blue (5012) as well as dark blue (5013)

For every layer of KTISEPOX PISCINE expect to consume 200-300 gr/m². Actual consumption may be higher depending on the quality of the surface. Flat surfaces will consume more than vertical surfaces

Packaging: available in fixed weight sets (A+B) of 12kg and 5kg.

Colours Available: Sky Blue (RAL 5015),  Marine Blue (RAL 5013) and White