Rapid Cure Floor

Fast Curing Epoxy Floor Coating

RapidCure Floor is a fast curing 2-component, solventfree epoxy floor coating that has been specifically designed to cure in challenging low and humid temperatures.

RapidCure Floor is commonly applied in floor areas that require quick turnaround of operations, as well as in areas with low temperatures and humid environments.  Common areas of applications include: Kitchens, Car parks, Warehouses, Auto repair shops, Factory and Production facilities.

RapidCure Floor can bond with slightly moist surfaces and can withstand osmotic pressure

The drying times of Rapidcure Floor are as follows:

At 20 oC room temperature – approx. 4 hours walk on time

At 10 oC room temperature – approx. 10 hours walk on time

At 0 oC room temperature – approx. 24 hours walk on time

The product should be applied together with Rapidcure Primer.

If you have any further questions about the product please contact us.

Estimated Consumption:

  • As a roller applied system 250-300 grams per m2
  • As a self leveling system For every mm of thickness at least 1.5 kg/m² of the product is expected to be consumed.
  • Actual consumption may be higher depending on the unevenness of the surface. It is also possible to add quartz sand as a 3rd component. T

Packaging: available in fixed weight sets (A+B) of 15kg and 6kg.

Colours Available:  Grey (RAL 7040) Stone Grey (RAL 7032)

Other colours available upon order