Ktisepox Hydro PR

Epoxy Water-based Primer

This product  is a 2-component, water-based epoxy primer system that has strong adhesive properties. The product is eco-friendly and contains no VOCs.

KTISEPOX HYDRO PR can be applied on a variety of surfaces such as concrete industrial floors and cement mortar surfaces. It can also be used on ground tiles, marble and old epoxy surfaces etc. This water based epoxy primer is applied on surfaces that are going to be covered with a range of our flooring and coatings products: such as ANYDRON 2K, KTISOFLOOR or KTISEPOX epoxy system.

KTISEPOX HYDRO PR is a breathable product that allows vapour transmission. It can therefore  also be used a barrier for slightly damp surfaces.

The application of primer prior to coating floors is always recommended. Read more about priming in this article here.

If the surface quickly absorbs the primer, a second priming coat is recommended so that all pores are sealed before the next coats are applied.

Drying time of the product is 3-12 hours depending on the conditions prevailing. Working life of the product is 30-40 minutes

Estimated Consumption: For every layer of Ktisepox Hydro PR expect to consume 150- 250 gr/m2. Actual consumption may be higher depending on the quality of the surface.

Packaging: available in fixed weight sets (A+B) of 10kg and 4kg

Colour : Milky white, becomes transparent upon application