Dampness Blocking primer

DAMPBLOK is an odour free epoxy-based mooisture blocking primer. The product is designed to prevent moisture ingress and wall dampness.  It is is microporous, thus permitting moisture to escape from the substrate. The product is suitable to apply in basements, wet areas, floors, adjacent walls of bathrooms, kitchens etc.

This moisture blocking primer may be applied on a variety of mineral based surfaces such as concrete, cement, or masonry. DAMPBLOK blocks surface moisture, however if there are structural problems leading to the entry of water (for example cracks, poor joint sealing, inadequate waterproofing, rising dampness) in the structure these must be dealt with other suitable means.  At least three coats of DAMPBLOCK should be applied.

Estimated Consumption: For every layer of DAMPBLOK expect to consume at least 0,2 kg/m² per layer. Actual consumption may be higher depending on the quality of the surface. Three layers are recommended

Packaging: available in 10kg and 4kg packs

Colours Available: Transparent