Polyurethane Floor Paint

Searching for the right floor paint can often be an overwhelming experience. A lot of information, technical details, confusion between epoxy, polyurethane and other types of floor paints. Our company is specialized in the field of industrial floor coatings. We are here to provide you with the right technical guidance and assist you in your needs. We are a niche, family-owned business that focuses on personalized technical support and close relationships with contractors and distributors.

We provide a range of polyurethane floor paints that can serve as waterproofing underlayments, base coats, and protective topcoats. For areas exposed to outdoor weather we can provide an aliphatic polyurethane paint  product resistant to UV exposure.
In car parks we can provide elastic coatings that serve as waterproofing layer and are resistant to tyre marks and scratches
For companies that are involved in the food and drinks sector we have developed seamless floor paint systems resistant to organic acids. For freezing chambers we have developed a range of elastic PU based floor coatings that work well in very low temperatures (-35oC).

Our headquarters and manufacturing facilities are based in the EU (Greece) and we ship worldwide (minimum order 1000kg). Our staff can provide you with detailed technical support and advice on the products that you will require. Send us an email at office@ktisis.eu so that we can get in touch with you. Try to give as much information on your project as possible so that we can provide detailed advice.
Ktisis is ISO:9001 certified and we provide CE declarations for all our products. Our main floor product KTISOPUR has been tested for various mechanical characteristics with a 3rd party laboratory.