Metallic Epoxy Floors

Create deep reflective effects with your epoxy coatings

Ktisis has developed a 3-component, solventless and self-smoothing metallic epoxy flooring system that creates a deep reflective effect on the floor.

The metallic coatings need to be applied on black (or on very dark surfaces). Dark surfaces enhance the reflective mirror effect that make the metallic epoxy floor so impressive.

The coatings system is composed of several layers:

1. One Epoxy Primer Coat of Ktisepox Hydro PR that will seal and penetrate the substrate. Approximate Consumption should be 200 gr/m2

2. One Black base epoxy floor coat of Ktisepox. Approximate Consumption should be 300 gr/m2

3. Application of Ktisofloor Metallic. Consumption will be approximately 0,5 -1 kg/m2. Consumption smaller than this amount can lead to coverage problems. Higher consumption than the recommended amount may lead to metallic effect being distorted.

The product is delivered with a pre-measured quantity of metallic filler. However applicators are free to experiment with lesser quantities of the filler if they want to achieve a semi-transparent look.

4. An optional additional transparent topcoat of Ktisopur TR can be added to protect the surface from scratches. This topcoat is also UV stable. Approximate consumption will be 150 gr/m2.

We are also able to ship the third component (metallic fillers) independently of the resin and hardener. This means applicators located in other countries that already have access to epoxy products can only purchase the metallic powdering component from us.

For inquiries regarding these products please contact us directly.