UV resistant flooring for outdoor applications

Resinous floors installed outdoors have very different demands compared to conventional floors installed indoors.  Outdoor floor systems are exposed to the sun's UV rays as well as extreme weather cinditions such as strong winds, rain, snow. In coastal areas the floor coats may also be exposed to chemical abrasion from sea salts. Ktisis has therefore developed UV resistant flooring solutions.

Conventional epoxy floor coatings are not able to withstand the sun's UV rays. This does not only apply to our coatings, but all epoxy coatings on the market.

Therefore we have developed specific UV resistant floor coatings for outdoor purposes like aliphatic PU coatings.

Stone Carpet Systems

We can also propose resin bonded systems for antislip surfaces that are suitable for pool decks and driveways. If you need to protect the quartz or stone carpet, our aliphatic clear coat is ideal for this purpose.