Choosing the right resin flooring solution for your project

With so many products and floor systems out there, the technical details can be overwhelming for the flooring contractor.

As a manufacturing company we always want to be close to the people applying our products on site.

We offer a wide range of products in epoxy flooring such as:

We work and communicate directly with the contractors, who have the real onsite experience. Who are dealing with the real challenges.

We have set up a website and a youtube channel that seeks to teach contractors on the use of  epoxy and polyurethane flooring products.

We have worked as contractors so we have the  REAL on-site experience from REAL projects. We understand that the requirements of a car park will be very different to that of food manufacturing.

Contact us today to ask us about your next flooring project, and we will get back to you very quickly

We are based in Greece and can ship to most parts of the world. (providing that the required quantity makes the shipping and customs cost feasible)

Car parks

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Heavy duty Industry and Warehouses

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Food and Drinks manufacturing

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Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare

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Outdoor Applications

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