Do you need an Epoxy Coating that cures in a few hours?

Epoxy floor in drinks processingProduction stops on a Friday afternoon, and on Monday morning your floor needs to be back and running . Does this problem sound familiar?

Thousands of companies worldwide are not able to keep up with the recoating demands of their floors. Closing the factory or warehouse for a few days is simply out of the question.

There is not enough time to apply the primer, do any patch work, and then apply the one or two coats required on top. A conventional epoxy floor coating needs at least 24 hours to be walkable and usually needs 2-3 days to allow forklift traffic. And these time estimates are assuming that the weather is warm and/or that you have suitable heating in your facilities!

Meanwhile the recoating of the floor is delayed, the floors are breaking down and in the process this causes additional damage to the business. Maintenance costs for the forklifts go up, cleaning the floors and controlling the dust gets harder and harder.

The solution

Ktisis has introduced the RapidCure fast curing epoxy floor system, that allows fast curing and re-coat times, thus allowing work to be done over one weekend.

RapidCure PR is a two component epoxy primer that allows re-coating within 3-5 hours. The primer cures in low temperature and is tolerant with moist surfaces

RapidCure Floor is a 100% solids epoxy floor coating that allows walk on times after 8 hours, and floors can be fully operational within 16-24 hours.

Despite the fast curing times, the system has been developed so that there is sufficent time for applicators to apply the product before it starts to cure (potlife 20-30 minutes), and to allow the product for strong bonding with the substrate.

RapidCure Floor can be either applied with as a thin film with a roller but also as a self levelling coating at thicknesses up to 3mm.

Furthermore this line of epoxy floor products are moisture tolerant which means they do not face the problems that fast curing polyurethanes and polyaspartics will face.

Contact us for further information these two products. Ktisis is specialized in epoxy flooring systems. We are based in Greece and we can ship to most countries in the world.