Decorative Epoxy Terrazzo Flooring

Achieve a level glossy finish at 3mm

Ktisis has developed a 3-component, solventless and self-smoothing decorative epoxy terrazzo flooring system that creates a terrazzo look on the floor.

Unlike conventional terrazzo that needs to be applied at significantly larger thicknesses, Ktisofloor Mosaic is applied at a thickness of 3mm just like our epoxy self leveling flooring system Ktisofloor

The final result is a very durable and aesthetically beautiful floor . It can be applied in a number of industries such as retail stores, hotels, showrooms, restaurants, laboratories and offices. The product is provided in a number of different colors and designs.

This epoxy coating system is composed of the following layers:

1. One Epoxy Primer Coat of Ktisepox Hydro PR that will seal and penetrate the substrate. Approximate Consumption should be 200 gr/m2

2. We highly recommend that a base epoxy floor coat of Ktisepox is applied. The base coat should have a color similar to the final design that will be applied. Approximate Consumption should be 300 gr/m2

3. Application of Ktisofloor Mosaic. For a thickness of 3mm, the consumption will be approximately 5 kg/m2. Applying the product at smaller thicknesses may not enable proper leveling.

Please consult the video on the right for information on how to apply.

The product is delivered in three components: Component A is the clear epoxy resin and component B is the corresponding hardener. Component C is the synthetic filler that is added and creates the terrazzo effect.

Altering the ratio of the filler to the resin can lead to the following effects:

  • too much resin may lead to the filler going to the bottom of the coating and the resin could rise to the top creating a yellowing effect
  • too much filler will affect the viscosity and will not allow proper leveling of the product

For inquiries regarding these products please contact us directly. We are able to ship the product worldwide.