About Us

Ktisis is a Greek company that manufactures specialty construction chemicals. We focus on two  areas: Resinous Floor systems and waterproofing coatings

We have chosen to deliberately target just these two product areas rather than become another supermarket of construction chemicals.  By staying laser focused we can serve our customers better and provide high quality technical expertise.

Ktisis is a family owned business that was founded in 1996. For us it is not just about selling our products but also build close long term strategic partnerships with our customers.

Our company is based near Athens, Greece and we currently work with contractors and distributors in over 15 countries from Europe, Middle East and Africa.  We are continuously starting new collaboration with companies in many parts of the world.

Our vast practical experience in industrial flooring led us to start a second website that focuses on sharing our knowledge and teaching professionals in the fields of resinous flooring. We are interested in building a community of like minded professionals who want to share their experiences in epoxy and polyurethane flooring. You can visit www.learncoatings.com to learn more about this venture.